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From October 31st, 2018, Honda Vietnam honor to get back 2 iconic bikes to Vietnam: Honda Super Cub C125 and Honda Monkey, to satisfy the desire of bikers who love retro motorbikes.

To glorify the return of 2 “iconics”, Honda Vietnam created a series of activation in 2 main cities: Hanoi and Hochiminh City. This aims to create the very first impression on 2 iconic bikes for customers. The series are happened from November 17th, 2018 till December 09th, 2018.

🔥 Honda Super Cub C125 – Yêu thanh lịch, Lướt huyền thoại phong cách

🔥 Honda Monkey – Yêu cá tính, Lách huyền thoại chất chơi


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