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WINNER JOURNEY  – Defeat Corona with Honda
The journey to add trust to the community before the Covid-19 epidemic, has officially ended at the last bridge in Ho Chi Minh City

🏍 After more than 1.5 months, the group of Honda Winner rolled safely across 20 industrial parks in 10 major cities and provinces of the country. We still feel really emotional when remembering the images from the beginning of the journey …

  • Can Tho
  • Danang
  • Hai Phong
  • Thai Nguyen
  • Vinh Phuc
  • Bac Ninh
  • Hanoi
  • Binh Thuan
  • Thanh Hoa
  • Ho Chi Minh City

♥️ Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the members in Winner Club, Winner Journey took place smoothly and well implemented propaganda activities, distributing more than 345,000 masks to the workers working at the home, key industrial zones and machines.

👏 Honda Winner would like to express sincere thanks to all the contributions of the Winner members, the leadership, the localities and the Government for creating conditions for Honda Winner to complete this practical social activity.



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