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Jio Health Clinic Co., Ltd. is one of the pioneers in applying technology to health care. Through the Jio Health mobile app, users will experience “Safe – Trust – Dedicated” services, including:
1. Doctor comes to you.
2. Taking samples to take place.
3. Jio online pharmacy
4. Free health advice 24/7
5. Electronic medical management
Jio Health has a mission of building trust in customers with professional quality, professional service attitude with the spirit of empathy and the highest responsibility.





Jio Health Vietnam HONORED TO BE A GOLD SPONSOR FOR THE HAPPY EVENT 15 YEARS OF VIETNAM BUSINESS DAY (October 13th, 2004 – October 13th, 2019)

On the occasion of the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day 13.10, Entrepreneur Club 2030 held a series of events “2030er- Never give up” with the participation of many businesses.

# JioHealth_Vietnam is proud to be a GOLD SPONSOR for the event with the participation of more than 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs and potential investors.

The series of events “2030er – Never Give Up” took place very well with the following activities: Trade connection; Bizgroup Workshop; Gala night to honor and inspire Entrepreneurs in 2030 to have a kind heart, dedication and service to society for over 1 year.


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