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Established in 1990 as a family-owned electronic fan production workshop, after 20 years of continuous efforts and innovations ASIA is now gradually providing the integrated production facilities and nationwide distribution network of electric fan and reach out its product presence to Asia Pacific countries. We have been well progressed with many accomplishments and strongly sustaining its brand appreciation as “The Leading Electric Fan Producer in Vietnam” for many years. Moreover, we have long been perceived by Vietnamese consumers and consecutively received 16 awards of “the Vietnamese High Quality Goods” since 1996 until now.


– Hanoi (4/3/2016)- 100 guests
– Da Nang (11/3/2016) – 100 guests
– Ho Chi Minh (15/3/2016) – 200 guests
The AsiaVina Fan Dealer Conference 2016 is an occasion to look back on the milestones AsiaVina Fan corporation has experienced, achievements and reviews of the Asian market development in 2015. And from that, organization can draw out the marketing strategy plans for some upcoming projects. In addition, this dealer conference is also an opportunity to promote the employees by rewarding the most excellent employee. In this event, all employees take part in game, and build a cozy atmosphere like a real family.

Our Moments

We let our work speak for ifself. lets come and see.