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CJ CGV, an entertainment platform operator under CJ Group, is the largest film distributor and cinema operator in Vietnam and one of top 5 cinema chains in the world. CJ CGV’s mission is becoming a role model company for continuous development of the film industry in Vietnam.
CJ CGV has created a unique concept of transforming former multiplexes into “Cultureplex”, where customers not only enjoy the movie itself, but also have access to diverse entertainment experiences provided with the latest technology as well as completely new and different F&B offerings, while enjoying the highest quality service provided by CGV Cinema’s staff.
In addition, CJ CGV Vietnam provides transparent and professional system which ensures fair conditions for all the business partners. CJ CGV Vietnam will continue our journey towards the prosperous future of the Vietnam’s movie industry, together with our valued audiences, film makers, business partners and society.


CGV is no longer a strange brand in the entertainment. For over 10 years having developed in Vietnam is also 10 years when CGV has accompanied with those who loves movies in Vietnam so that they can get closer and faster with the famous films in the world. CGV builds an image of the dynamic brand with many cultural activities in Vietnam. Gaining this result, it can not ignore the contribution of all CGV staff. Thus, the CGV Vietnam Family Day is a way of expressing our deepest gratitude to all of our employees. And this is also an opportunity for people to connect and to share more, to create a stronger CGV environment, thus it can be creating a great CGV image.

Time August 15th, 2016
Venue CGV Nguyen Chi Thanh – 6th Floor, 54 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Attendants 250 guests

Our Moments

We let our work speak for ifself. lets come and see.