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Making delicious dishes for family is a joyfulness of Vietnamese women. However with life in a hurry, it is not easy for modern women to take care of family meals. Understanding deeply about the demand of consumers, Ajinomoto Vietnam Company launched the product “Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder” and “Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder – Chocolate flavor” in order to help members in family more connecting closely through the beloved kitchen without spending a lot of time. With the pioneer spirit, we would like to bring the convenience and new experiences to customers in making delicious pancake easily at home.

Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder is the fully made powder including essential ingredients such as egg and milk which make delicious pancakes. “Just need to add water into powder” and after 3 minutes, you will have delicious and adorable pancakes that your family can enjoy together in every weekend.

See more interesting information about Ajinomoto Pancake Mix Powder at:
Website: https://banhran.vn/
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/banhran.ajinomoto


Theme: Vui he soi dong, San qua cuc cool

Timing: June and July of 2018

Location: Hochiminh City, Hanoi City

Another amazing summer has come. And once again, Pancake Mix Powder of Ajinomoto brings along an exciting journey for Mom and Kids this summer. The journey has officially run through June 1st till July 29th, 2018 in many places like: Apartments, Public Parks, Amusement Parks and Supermarkets in Hanoi and Hochiminh City. This whole time, the journey is proved to be desirable by moms and kids for the huge number of attendants coming to join the activities of campaign. For more interesting information about the campaign or brand, kindly follow Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/banhran.ajinomoto/

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Timing Number of events Location
June & July of 2018 40 Apartment: 13; Amusement Park: 3, Park: 2; Children House: 4, Supermarket: 16, Mall: 2


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